Welcome To Your New Favorite Holiday CD!

This is the full cover of the LP-style jacket, illustrated by Josh Quick.

“This album is as far from political correctness as it’s possible to get – and that’s why I love every song on it. If you have even a tiny sense of humor you need this album in your collection. Really!” CDBaby.com review

If you’ve clicked your way onto this site, you’re probably one of the millions of folks who need a break from the standard-issue music we’re bombarded with every Christmas season. And it starts earlier every year, doesn’t it? The old unofficial cutoff date of Thanksgiving has given way to Christmas decorations and songs showing up in stores and malls where they’re still sweeping up from Halloween!

Enough’s enough, we say! Off White Christmas is a fresh breath of holiday cheer, designed to make you laugh and sing along while you’re dancing to these original Christmas songs. If you’re looking for some funny new Christmas music, you’ve come to the right place.


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Off White Christmas was written and recorded in 2011 by Chip Whitson and Bob Wire, two independent musicians who have been performing live and recording for decades. Check out their stories here, and see what other music they have to offer, and what musical projects they have cooking. Who knows, could a black-comedy Easter album be in their future…?

Check out the lyrics! Listen to the songs! Watch the videos! Enjoy the photos! And one last thing:

Merry Christmas!

Brand new song for 2013! Download it today, amigos and amigas!
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