All About Chip

Chip moved from Denver to Missoula, Montana at the age of 13. At that point he was just a guy who dreamed about playing guitar and being in a band. It was after that move that he discovered a thriving music scene in Missoula. With a little help from his Dad he scored his first Strat copy and started his first band immediately. (Knowing how to play guitar seemed secondary at that point).

With some lessons and direction from Montana guitar legend Erik “Fingers” Ray, Chip began his life as a band guy, songwriter, and dead end job worker. He played in several fairly successful bands throughout the eighties, covering INXS, Billy Idol, Talking Heads, etc. No matter the venue the gig always closed with some Chuck Berry, Stray Cats, or Jerry Lee Lewis. It was the rootsy, rockabilly, blues-laced stuff that he loved most, and seemed to be the “11” when faced with the need to turn it up to 11 for the crowd.

It was sometime in the nineties that he first hooked up with Bob Wire. They both shared a love of roots based rock and honky tonk. The pairing seemed a natural, and shortly after hooking up they recorded and released the eleven song rockabilly cassette “Tremblin’ In My Boots.” The local release garnered a rave review from the publication Blue Suede News. In the past decade or so Chip has moved from Missoula to Idaho, then to Hawaii, and then to Washington. Married a beautiful woman, and fathered boys that are very musical in their own right. He currently enjoys playing rockabilly in Spokane, WA with his trio The SpoCats.

Chip and Bob have stayed in touch the whole time and finally decided to pull the trigger on doing a full length album project. Not just any album, but a Christmas record. Hoping you pick up a copy and enjoy some great rootsy, driving, fun, clever, all new original Christmas songs.