New Video for 2012: Santa’s Got a Sharkskin Suit

“Cousin” Bob Sularz, Bob Wire, and Rick Waldorf show off their posing skills. Photo: Speaker Wire

The newest – and some say funniest – video featuring a song from the CD is now up at the YouTube. Chip sings and mugs his heart out on “Santa’s Got a Sharkskin Suit.”

The song features the boogie piano stylings of Mr. Russ Parsons, whose daughter Leila just made it into the finals of Missoula’s First Night Teen Star. She’s got a beautiful singing voice. Talk about a talented family! Russ is a little camera shy, though, as you can tell from the video. Either that, or he really REALLY likes floppy leather hats.

The star of the video is Todd Kaye, a friend who’s a real beard Santa right here in Missoula. You can book Santa for your own parties and videos.
The band footage was shot by our friend Jonathan, who may or may not want his last name associated with the project. The guy has his reputation to consider. We used a couple of little Flip cams in an undisclosed location near downtown Missoula.
This guerrilla filmmaking at its finest.

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