Credit Card Christmas

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FINALIST: Independent Reviewer Christmas Songwriting Contest 2011

I’m getting behind on my bills and it’s making me nervous
The cell phone company called, they’re gonna cut off my service
I shed a few tears today when the power bill came
I’m in so deep I’m thinking about changing my name


I’ve got two jobs and my wife is working full time
But money’s so tight I’m considering a life of crime
I woke up this morning and they’d repossessed my new Cadillac
But there’s still one way to get our holiday spirit back



Let’s have a credit card Christmas / We’ll let that plastic fly
Gonna have us a ball, say to hell with it all
There ain’t a thing we can’t buy
Let’s have a credit card Christmas / It’s the American way
Something catches our eye, we don’t have to deny
We can buy it today


Tell me what you want, make sure there’s nothing you missed
This year Santa’s gonna give you everything on your list
Xbox, iPad 2 and a PS-3
So much stuff we’ll have to buy a second Christmas tree


My American Express will be flashing like a platinum blur
Or I’ll use my Discover or MasterCard if you prefer
I’m buying gifts for everybody ‘til I wear out my wallet
Then I’ll buy myself a brand new Harley and a trailer to haul it




We can start over clean / I’ll file Chapter 13 next Valentine’s Day