Last Minute Shopper

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I told myself that I wouldn’t procrastinate

Wasn’t gonna let my Christmas shopping wait

But now it’s Christmas Eve and it’s getting late


Stores are closed, there isn’t one open sign

But I know a place that’ll suit my needs just fine

The all-night truck stop out on Highway Nine


I’ll fill those stockings to the top

With cigarettes and soda pop

A Broncos hat for Uncle Chip

And a great big jar of nacho dip

Some Copenhagen for my boss

A keychain with an iron cross


A travel mug for cousin Lee

Some Conway Twitty on CD

My son would love this folding knife

A friendship bracelet for my wife

A lighter shaped like a tommy gun

And a case of Red Bull just for fun


I’ll need a sack of Big League Chew

A box of Cheez-Its, jerky too

Some fuzzy dice for my little girl

A necklace made of phony pearls

Some Turtle Wax and a peanut log

And a rawhide pretzel for the dog