My Birthday’s On Christmas

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(Note: these are the original lyrics. One verse was cut out of the recording so that we might be able to get some radio play on kids programming.)

I’ve got a problem that’s a cruel twist of fate

My birthday and Christmas are on the same date

I can’t separate them, it just isn’t fair

My birthday’s on Christmas, and nobody cares


Oh, we’ll celebrate early, just a few days before

But the shadow of Christmas is hard to ignore

I’ll pretend I’m happy, and try not to complain

When I get a stuffed reindeer or a big candy cane



My birthday’s on Christmas, that’s not very cool

I can’t have a party with my buddies in school

They’re all on vacation or gone out of town

My birthday’s on Christmas and it’s getting me down


I complain to my mother, but these things escape her

She still wraps my presents in holiday paper

My grandma sends money, ‘cause she’s sick of the mall

One check for both occasions, that’s the worst trick of all


You might think I’m greedy or that I’ve got some nerve

I just want the attention that I think I deserve

Oh, I love Christmas Eve and the stockings and cheer

It’s just that my birthday comes one time a year



My birthday’s on Christmas, and I’m a little upset

It reduces the number of presents I get

Why couldn’t my parents have waited ‘til summer

For mom to get pregnant, it’s really a bummer



Oh, I wish I’d been born on some other day

Like a hot August night or a morning in May

Why not in September when the corn is so high

Or Thanksgiving morning or the 4th of July?



My birthday’s on Christmas, what more can I say

Please don’t forget me on my special day

My birthday’s on Christmas, I hate red and green

It’s stealing my thunder, this holiday scene (X2)