As the CD begins to filter its way into the general population, we’re starting to receive some feedback. This review was posted recently on the music/culture blog written by Missoula musician Snaxxx Brannigan.
All in all, I think he liked it. One thing I noticed is that he is under the impression that I, Bob, do all the singing. Not so. In most cases, whoever wrote the song does the lead vocalizing. I’ll list the songs and their singer/writers elsewhere on the site.
Please take a gander at the reviews here, and we always encourage and welcome any reviews of the album. You can post them on your blog, send them to us, post them at CDBaby, Facebook, or your local paper. Word of mouth is the best way to let your friends know what this CD is all about.

Snaxxx’s Review

EvO:R Review

Missoula Independent review

Nate Schweber’s Review on his New Heathens blog. Missoula’s favorite son has a way with words, and an intimate feel for our album. Thanks, Nate!

Okay, this one snuck in under the radar last year. I think it’s from Denmark, and the original language has been translated into English by a Google algorithm with a sick sense of humor. Enjoy:

“Off White Christmas by Bob Wire also Chip Whitson is absolute of comical Christmas libretto for the reason that your rock ‘n run holiday. It’s the correct Christmas Stocking stuffer! Buy Off White Christmas today! This is the absolute safe haven of the LP-style jacket, explained by Josh Quick. If you’ve clicked your techniques onto this site, you’re maybe single of the millions of men who want a damage take pleasure in the standard-issue music we’re bombarded as well as every Christmas season. And it starts more rapidly every year, doesn’t it? The hand-me-down unofficial cutoff date of Thanksgiving has supplied techniques to Christmas decorations in addition to vocal bringing to light unsleeping indoor stores as well as malls where they’re likewise strong conscious enjoys Halloween! is a clean breath of escape cheer, meant to type you snigger plus sing along when you’re dancing to these chief Christmas songs. If you’re longing for the reason that different odd brand new Christmas music, you’ve come to the truthful place. was written in addition to recorded inside 2011 by Chip Whitson with Bob Wire, two self sufficient musicians who experience been executing live in addition to recording given that decades. Check out their stories here, with observe no matter what varied music they pass through to offer, in addition to anything musical estimate they go through cooking. Who knows, would a black-comedy Easter album troth indoors their future…? Check out the lyrics! Listen to the songs! Watch the videos! Enjoy the photos! And lone closing thing: Funny Christmas Song – Sha La La La (Don’t Come Home This Christmas)

Prep time: 10 min. Cook time: 26 min.”