Off White Christmas On the Air!

Lots of time in the public eye this week, promoting Off White Christmas. This morning I’ll be on the air on the Ann and Teresa and Ann show, at KBGA 89.9. You can stream it! These two women have an off-the-hook weekly comedy show, and they’ve invited me on to talk about the album, maybe play a song or two live in the studio. They’ll also play a couple of cuts off the album. Yeah, it’s early, but they are funny as hell.

Next, I’ll be on the Live and Local Lunch segment at noon at the Trail 103.3 in Missoula stream it here! Chip Whitson is scheduled to call in to the studio from Spokane during the show, and share some of his thoughts and stories about the making of Off White Christmas.

And of course there’s the Christmas Musical Show at Downtown Dance Collective Saturday night in Missoula. Busy week, and it’s just going to get crazier as Christmas draws near. Bundle up!

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